Cheap international calls

With us it's real. The people you call do not need internet - they will receive a regular incoming call. At us the best rates for calls to landlines and mobiles around the world.
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With our application, you no longer need to always look for "how to call abroad". Just enter any international number or select someone from the contact list and enjoy excellent quality calls at low prices. Moreover, if the one to whom you call, there is Xcall, the call will be free! International calls over the Internet have never been easier!

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    Spend less on internet calls

    Are you used to expensive calls abroad? Don't know how to make cheap calls abroad with mobile? Check out our calling rates! Never had a call abroad so simple!

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    Find out the cost before calling

    The people you call don't need Xcall or even a smartphone! Any phone can accept call from Xcall. And you no longer need a SIM card to travel abroad!

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    Find out the cost before calling

    Calls abroad via the Internet in Xcall are fair. You will see the cost of a minute of conversation at the time of dialing. No hidden fees or connection fees: the payment amount is always visible on the screen!

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